100 new COVID-19 circumstances within the London space on Monday, no deaths


Recent developments:

What is the current COVID-19 situation in the London area?

The Middlesex-London Health Unit reported 100 new cases of COVID-19 and no deaths on Monday. 172 cases were reported over the weekend, along with the death of a man in his eighties.

123 recoveries were recorded on Monday, with 967 known cases in the region, the lowest number since April 7.

As of Monday, the Middlsex-London region reached a gloomy milestone: 10,000 have been infected with the novel corona virus since the pandemic began, said London Mayor Ed Holder.

Recent contact tracing shows that most new cases are due to contact with someone known to be infected with the virus. There were four outbreak-related cases, three related to international travel, and 51 had no known association.

While the seven-day average for the number of cases in the region has shown a recent downward trend, the average rose to 98 on Monday. The moving average hit a pandemic high of 133 on April 15.

The London Health Sciences Center is currently caring for 97 people with COVID-19, including 43 people in critical care. 64 of the patients come from this region and 33 from other parts of the province where there is a lack of space and staff.

There are eight hospital workers who have tested positive for the virus and are isolating.

COVID-19 in the region and beyond

Southwestern Public Health, which oversees the Elgin-Oxford area, reports 65 new cases of COVID-19 and no deaths on Monday. 160 cases are known in the area, including 44 in Woodstock, 43 in St. Thomas, 20 in Tillsonburg and seven in Aylmer.

Huron Perth Public Health reported 12 new cases, including five in Perth County, five in Huron County and two in Stratford. There are 31 active cases in the health region.

Ontario now reports 3,510 cases of COVID-19 and 24 more deaths.

According to the Department of Health, ICUs across Ontario are treating 877 patients for COVID-19, twice as many as at the beginning of the month. 605 of these patients are ventilated.

A Brampton teenager reportedly died of the virus last week. Emily Victoria Viegas, 13, died with COVID-19 on April 22nd.