£431.2m funding in London as Arts Council England will increase assist for arts, tradition and creativity within the Larger Boroughs

£431.2m investment in London as Arts Council England increases support for arts, culture and creativity in the Greater Boroughs

Today Arts Council England announces details of its new national portfolio of funded organizations for 2023-26. In all, 258 organizations across London will receive a share of a three-year £431.2 million investment to ensure more people, in more places, can find fantastic, fulfilling arts and culture on their doorstep.

London is set to receive £431.2m over three years, a third of the total investment for England announced today. Investment is spreading more to the outskirts, meaning more Londoners will benefit from creative and cultural investment. Priority places in London like Croydon and Brent will get £18.8m; over £10.9m more investment flowing into outskirts such as Bromley, Redbridge and Merton; 30 of the 33 municipalities are to be funded – from 28 and more than ever before; and this time 56 new London organizations will join the portfolio.

A wide range of organizations will receive grants that reflect the talent and interests of the capital’s vast melting pot of people and communities. From the community-focused carnival arts organization Tropical Isles, to organizations like Hospital Rooms that support people’s mental health and well-being, to British Underground Ltd, which has played a role in the careers of Amy Winehouse, Stormzy and Yola and helps artists thrive international music scene.

We are delighted that prestigious organizations such as the Royal Opera House, London Transport Museum, National Theatre, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Southbank Center and Studio Wayne McGregor continue to be part of the new portfolio Medium maintains a mix of brilliant theatres, art galleries and cultural venues of all shapes and sizes. Newly formed organizations include: Deaf Rave, which provides creative opportunities for the deaf community to produce, perform and experience music and visual performances; the Postal Museum, home to an iconic, immersive underground railway journey; the Brixton-based Pegasus Opera Company, whose aim is to bring opera to more people; and Company Three, an Islington theater company providing creative opportunities for teenagers and young people.

The changes in our London investments for our 2023-26 investment program are driven by two factors: First, our discussions and research with the public over the past five years show that where they live they have access to meaningful, quality cultural events and creative activities want to have . Secondly, the Government directed the Arts Council to allocate funding to areas of historically low cultural engagement and spending, shifting £24m of investment from London to the rest of the country (with a particular focus on upgrading cultural sites). the end of this portfolio 2023/26. London will share in one-third of the total investment for England announced today. This has meant that we have not been able to fund all of the organizations in London that have previously been funded through this scheme. Of that £24million amount, £8.2million will go to the transfer scheme, which will support 24 organisations, including British Youth Music Theater and Upswing Aerial Limited, to relocate from the capital by October 2024, raising opportunities across the country to increase.

This investment will support London’s thriving cultural ecology and will also reach out to places that have historically done less, including supporting Outer London organizations such as Magpie Dance in Bromley and Fresh Arts CIC in Brent.

By funding new organizations in new places, we are delivering on the vision set out in our Let’s Create strategy: that everyone, everywhere, deserves to benefit from public investment in culture and creativity. We have identified 54 places across England where our investment and engagement are low and as such there is an opportunity for us to increase both effectively – and that is why we are prioritizing working with them from 2021 to 2024. Priority places in London – The London Boroughs of Croydon, Brent, Enfield, Barking & Dagenham and Newham will receive £18.8million over three years. Investment in Croydon is set to more than double to £4.8million as three organizations join the portfolio for the first time in the region: Stanley Arts, Turf Projects and Zoo Co Creative Ltd.

Tonya Nelson, Area Manager, London, Arts Council England, said: “Our aim has been to support a wide range of organizations and art forms in every corner of London, with a clear focus on ensuring that investment goes to places that need it have been in the past.” underserved, including the outskirts of London. Funding these new organizations and venues will help us inspire the next generation of cultural and artistic talent and increase opportunities for people of all communities and backgrounds.”

Arts Council England Chairman Sir Nicholas Serota said: “London is a global powerhouse of the creative industries and is known the world over for its galleries, theatres, museums, libraries and music venues. As someone who was born in the capital and has lived there most of my life, I know how the arts can enrich people’s lives. I am proud of the quality and diversity of the arts in London and the benefits and prestige they bring to the city. The investment we’re announcing today balances the need to protect London’s place in our country’s creative and cultural ecology with an increase in investment in the outskirts and across the country where investment has been underperforming quality culture accessible to everyone, wherever live.”

Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan said: “With today’s investment, 56 new organizations will receive financial support and join the Arts Council England’s national portfolio.” bringing more culture to the doorsteps of millions.”