9 issues we learn about London’s lockdown following Boris Johnson’s ‘roadmap’ speech


Are you feeling confused this morning? Yes, we aswell. Boris Johnson’s address to the nation last night (Sunday May 10th) was sure to be a bit of a headache, even when the audience stayed awake. The Prime Minister wanted to outline the next steps – or, as he repeatedly calls a kind of digital project manager, the “roadmap” for Great Britain.

In fact, he described this as an “initial sketch of a roadmap” and stated that this was “not the time to just end the lockdown”. Johnson said these were modified measures and the UK could expect a “change of emphasis” on the lockdown rules. He also introduced a new “Covid Alert System” that was difficult to track at home (a heat map diagram that comedian Rhys James described on Twitter as remarkably similar to the Nando’s heat scale).

What does all the jargon mean for London? We know the following so far:

1. The lock is still activated. London Mayor Sadiq Khan this morning reminded Londoners that despite the somewhat mixed news over the weekend about a loosening of the lockdown rules, the lockdown should continue to be upheld. “You still have to stay at home as much as possible and keep a safe distance of two meters from other people at all times when you are out,” said the mayor on social media.

2. You must work from home if you can continue to do this. Return to work is allowed starting today (Monday 11 May) for those unable to work from home.

3. You shouldn’t use public transport unless you absolutely cannot avoid it. The Prime Minister has asked people to use cars or walk or cycle to work wherever possible. Sadiq Khan is hoping for a greener London on the other side of the lockdown, so his message is slightly different: “You mustn’t use public transport for unnecessary trips. If you really need to travel, please avoid rush hour. Please walk or cycle whenever possible. ‘

4. Starting Wednesday May 13th, Londoners will be able to take part in unlimited outdoor exerciseinstead of one exercise a day. The Prime Minister also said that as of Wednesday, people will be able to “sit in the sun in your local park” and play sports – but only with members of your own household. He added that there would be higher fines for those who break social distancing rules outdoors. So the two-meter rule is still in play.

5. Shops will reopen and some school groups will return on June 1st at the earliest when the infection rate continues to decrease.

6. “At least part of the hotel industry” will reopen in July again at the earliest when the infection rate continues to decrease. The Prime Minister gave no light on how this might look, or whether bars and pubs would be treated the same as restaurants when they reopen.

7. Anyone entering the country by air must be in quarantine for 14 days. excluding passengers from France and the Republic of Ireland.

8. The reopening of garden centers was not mentionedas many expected before the announcement.

9. All of the above conditions are conditional about the spread of the virus and will be judged on the basis of this novel Covid warning system.

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