A person is increasing his yard in London to make it welcoming for a household of foxes and different wildlife


Executive recruiter David Fielding has “revived” his south-east London backyard and city pond to make it more welcoming to a growing family of foxes and other wildlife who are choosing to stay. Fielding told SWNS that he’s been watching the foxes for the past several years.

David Fielding, 54, has spent the past four years watching foxes at play in his garden and has seen the original couple grow into a family of nine. To provide a home for the friendly foxes, he even redesigned his yard so the foxes can happily play in the tall grass and comfortably drink from his urban pond.

A bit of wildlife to lift the spirits. My little family of foxes filmed last night. pic.twitter.com/impiaeHJz6

— David Fielding (@DFielding101) April 1, 2022

The first morning in kindergarten is always exciting! #fox of the day ??? pic.twitter.com/jTjRc1TSqx

— urbanponds_101 (@urbanponds_101) May 20, 2022

The trapping also makes room for frogs, newts, birds and snails.

Fielding also offers helpful advice on garden rewilding