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About Us – North East London Health & Care Partnership

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We are:

Integrated Nursing Board

“Provider” Trusts


  • Current North East London population – over two million
  • The population is expected to grow by 120,000 over the next five years
  • Varied community composition, e.g. 30% of the population in Newham is Asian compared to 6% in City and Hackney, resulting in different health needs.
  • People living in poverty are disproportionately affected by diabetes, dementia and obesity. Five of the eight NEL districts are in the bottom 20% of the Multiple Deprivation Index.
  • The largest expected population increases are found in ethnic groups that are at higher risk for serious, potentially preventable health conditions such as diabetes
  • On average, 40% of children in north-east London about to graduate from school are obese. Four of our boroughs have rates of childhood obesity significantly higher than the London average and all of our boroughs have rates significantly higher than the English average.
  • 30% of people with a long-term illness have a mental health problem and 46% of people with a mental health problem have a long-term illness.

UPDATED: 07/19/2022


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