All Immigrant Selection Present for a tour of London’s artwork and neighborhood areas


ice & fire – known for their use of performances to explore human rights issues, and Matthew Schmolle Productions have teamed up with a cast of immigrant performers to direct a new show called We Like to Move it Move it.

Although Brexit is now “done”, we don’t seem to be done with the age-old “immigration question”. This immigrant-only variety show, with jokes, songs, and loads to chew on, asks, “What is behind our collective acceptance of immigration control? What does it say about us and what do those who have come to the UK from elsewhere want to say about it? ‘ There is something for everybody! (But should it be?)

Created by Olivier Prize winner Donnacadh O’Briain and playwright Amy Ng. The actors are: Jahmila Heath, Tomoko Komura, Gaël Le Cornec and Sergio Maggiolo. We Like to Move it Move it was developed in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Fine and the Philosophy Department at King’s College London.

Christine Bacon of ice & fire said: ‘Ice & fire as a company has been dealing with the here and now of human rights stories and what can be done to make current systems more just. With this project we are trying to take a big step back and question how and why immigration controls are seen as such common sense and a “natural” feature of our world. But with clowns it will make you smile. ‘

Matthew Schmolle said, “We’re passionate about taking this show beyond the traditional theatrical world echo chamber, introducing it to the widest possible audience, and seeing what all these people have to say on these overlooked topics that are under “capture so much of the modern immigration discourse”.

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Stage and Costume Designer – Elizabeth Rose

Sound Designer – Tingying Dong

Stage Manager – Kayleigh Atkinson

Assistant Director – Poppy Sutch