An avocado-themed restaurant is coming to London subsequent month


Avocado enthusiasts are delighted: a restaurant dedicated to green fruit will open in London next month.

The Avocado Show’s menu is aptly named and features dishes that have been slightly modified from their traditional ingredients, such as a beef burger between two avocado halves or Eggs Florentine served on an avocado bed instead of an English muffin.

Other items include an “Avo Garden” with avocado, hummus, spices, herbs and flowers, served with pita sticks, and a “Sinner Stack”, a pancake dish that combines blueberries, spirulina, maple syrup and, you guessed it, avocado .

The restaurant has already acquired a home in central London at 6 Princes Street in Mayfair, which is between Regent Street and Oxford Street, but an opening date has not yet been announced.

The London restaurant was scheduled to open last year but has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the current locations in Amsterdam, Madrid and Brussels, more than 1,000 avocados are processed every day.

Avocado Show owners Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal said they came up with the concept for the restaurant out of their own love for fruit.

As the restaurant’s popularity continues to grow – it has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram – environmentalists are warning of the impact of growing avocado on the climate crisis.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Affairs, the UK imported 116,000 tons of avocados in 2019.

An increase in international trade in avocados is associated with a significant carbon footprint. According to the Sustainable Food Trust, a pack of two small avocados has a carbon footprint of 846.36 grams (that’s almost twice as much as a kilo of bananas).

In addition, most of the world’s avocados are sourced from Mexico.

“A Mexican avocado would have to travel 5555 miles to reach the UK. Because of the distance, the fruits are picked before they ripen and stored at controlled temperatures, which is energy-intensive, ”says the Trust.

The Avocado Show gets its fruits from Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain and South Africa. Mr. Simpson told iNews that the restaurant demands “sustainable harvests” from its suppliers.

“We believe in one simple thing – avocados are very healthy and good for you. There is no question whether we should eat them.

“We also demand sustainable plants. We have an open conversation with our supplier who shares our vision. They guarantee fairness and our avocados are certified as sustainable. We want people to be attentive, ”he said.