Appointments of non-executive members to the NHS South West London Built-in Care Board


“I am pleased to confirm the appointment of three of the four non-executive members of the NHS South West London Integrated Care Board (ICB); Dick Sorabji, Mercy Jeyasingham MBE and Ruth Bailey see their biographies below.

“The appointments followed an open and transparent hiring process that began earlier this year. The appointment of the fourth non-executive director is currently underway and I will keep you informed.

“As you know, the government has developed plans to legalize ICS. Our NHS South West London Integrated Care Board (ICB) will be a new NHS body that will bring the local NHS together to improve the health and care of people in South West London from 1 July 2022.

“Following Sarah’s message on the appointment of chief executives, I look forward to leading our NHS board to drive integration within the NHS in South West London. We will bring together everyone involved in planning and delivering NHS services to take a collaborative approach to agreeing and delivering more connected health and care services to local communities.

“Our non-executive members will bring a wealth of experience, skills and perspective to the board, leveraging their independent status to provide constructive challenge and oversight to ensure we make good decisions in the best interests of our patients and communities. I look forward to bringing the new team together and working hard to improve the lives of people in our communities.”

Millie Banerjee CBE

Chairman, South West London Integrated Care System (ICS)

Dick Sorabji

Dick Sorabji has worked in public policy and management for over four decades. In the 1980s he was Parliamentary Advisor to the Shadow Health Secretary. In 1988 he was elected Councilor in Lambeth, where he took over the presidency.

In 1991 Dick joined the faculty at Imperial College Business School where he was founding director of the first Cabinet Office sponsored Public Service MBA. His research looked at improving public services in Britain and around the world.

After a brief stint in corporate finance, Dick returned to public policy in 2003, joining think tanks LGIU and later NLGN, where he became associate director in 2006. He joined London Councils in 2008 as Corporate Director and later Deputy General Manager.

At London Councils he advised the London Boroughs on their engagement with all London public services. Working with health partners, Dick helped set up the London Health Board, was part of the team that negotiated the London Health Evolution Agreements with HM Treasury in 2015 and 2017, was part of the London Health Vision agreement in 2019 and was a member of the cross-sectoral partnership forums in London, that have been exploited through the pandemic.

Mercy Jeyasingham MBE

Mercy Jeyasingham has worked primarily in voluntary health and social work, most recently as CEO of the eye health and vision loss sector umbrella organization.

She is non-executive director of the Medicines and Devices Regulatory Agency, the MHRA, and chairs its Patient Safety and Engagement Committee. She has been a Charity Trustee for local, regional and national charities. These included the vice-chair of the Afiya Trust, a national organization working to reduce inequalities in health and social care.

Her government appointments have included non-executive director of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NICE, for 12 years and chair of its human resources committee for 8 years. She has also worked in professional regulation, chaired fitness-to-practice committees for the General Optical Council, and set up the statutory register for social workers.

In the early 1990s she was Head of Nursing Standards for a London Department of Social Services and in the 2000s Head of Accreditation for the Royal College of Nursing. She was a caregiver for a family member with multiple disabilities for 30 years. Mercy is still a local volunteer in south west London, where she has lived most of her life.

Ruth Bailey

Ruth Bailey

Ruth Bailey has 23 years of public sector experience in strategy, execution and human resources.

Between 2015 and 2021 she served as Human Resources Director in the Cabinet Office, the Care Quality Commission and the Department of Housing Communities and Local Government. Ruth has extensive experience in people strategy, organizational change, leadership, talent and inclusion.

She is passionate about linking the people and staff initiatives to the performance outcomes we aim to drive for patients, service users, caregivers and the community at large, and will also ensure that diversity and inclusion is considered in every decision made.

Ruth is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPD) and has a Masters in Business from Imperial College. She is also a non-executive member of the Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board and works as a recruitment consultant both in the UK and internationally.