As a consequence of issues with the cooling system, some non-urgent procedures at London College Hospital are being postponed


The London Health Sciences Center (LHSC) has postponed some non-urgent procedures at the University Hospital (UH) due to problems with the facility’s cooling system.

The organization announced on Monday that one of the hospital’s three coolers had failed and that repairs would likely take several days.

Carol Young-Ritchie, LHSC’s executive vice president, chief clinical officer and chief nursing officer, said Tuesday that engineers are still waiting for a part to arrive, likely by the end of the week.

“We assume the repair will be done on Friday morning,” she said.

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Young-Ritchie said the entire hospital was affected by the broken cooler, but “we know there is more cold air flowing into some areas, certainly our operating rooms.”

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“In general, reports from UH employees and executives who are there say that it is a bit humid there at the moment. It is probably a few degrees warmer than usual. “

The problems come as the region prepares for several days of heat and humidity. Environment Canada issued a heat warning for the region on Tuesday afternoon, saying that humidex levels would be expected near 40 ° C by the end of the work week.

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With this in mind, in order to preserve the remaining chiller capacity, the hospital had to reduce some clinical work, particularly non-urgent elective cases, to reduce the number of people in the building. Urgent and urgent work is still being carried out.

“We’ve reduced some operating room cases and some of our outpatient care work … people coming to doctors and some of our clinics,” said Young-Ritchie, later adding that the number of online operating rooms at UH was reduced from 15 to six.

“Our emergency room is still open. We continue to provide our essential services as an important regional hospital in the system. “

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It’s not the first time the hospital has had cooling problems. According to Young-Ritchie, the same cooler had problems last summer.

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“I think what we need to keep in mind is that the university hospital building is now almost 50 years old. It’s an older building and things happen just like in older buildings, ”she said.

“Our facility team and engineers are busy throughout our building and are doing a good job trying to maintain this building. But it’s an aging facility. “

According to the LHSC, patients will hear from their care team if their appointment is rescheduled.

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