At Buckingham Palace: pictures within the Queen’s luxurious London residence


Buckingham Palace is the center of the UK’s constitutional monarchy and is often the stage for major events and visits by foreign heads of state. The palace has a whopping 775 rooms and includes a gallery, stunning gardens, and a ballroom. The property is also the birthplace of Prince Charles and Prince Andrew and was the site of the baptism of The Prince of Wales, The Princess Royal, The Duke of York and Prince William.

1844 rooms

This is one of 19 state rooms in the palace that housed world leaders as well as other important guests.

The room has several gold mirrors and a pink flower carpet.

Blue and gold chairs match the carpets and add a welcome splash of color to the room.

It is well known that Prince William and Kate met Michelle and Black Obama in this room.

White salon

This is where the Queen gives her annual Christmas speech.

The space is really spectacular with white walls, gold borders and red and cream colored carpets.


Buckingham Palace is home to 39 acres of gardens and is the Queen’s private London garden.

The garden is also the location for the Queen’s garden parties with around 24,000 guests.

The garden has 325 wild plant species, 30 breeding bird species and over 1,000 trees, including 98 plane trees and 85 different oak species.

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