Backyard Studios in West London add one other 65,000 m²


The Studio Studio in New West London, Garden Studios, has been expanded by a further 65,000 m² and offers a total of 127,000 m² of studio space, more than double the original location.

The new location, The Orchid Production Village, will be available next month with eleven serviced offices, two shooting ranges (40,000 m² in total) and a 16,000 m² workshop.

This is in addition to the already existing three sound stages, three shooting spaces, four large, fully equipped production offices and workshop units.

The virtual production stage of the Garden Studios, operated by Unreal Engine, with an area of ​​400 square meters is now also in operation.

Studio Manager Marnie Keeling said: “We are very excited to expand our website. This enables us to address a larger number of customers and offer options from filming locations, workshops and production offices to sound stages. Garden Studios intend to make an industry impact through innovation, technology and world-class soundstage. In addition, in our virtual production phase, you can conveniently take photos anywhere in the world from our studio. We look forward to supporting future, traditional and virtual filmmaking. ”

Garden Studios Founder and CEO Thomas Hoegh said, “The growing popularity of the UK as a filming location means that expanding our studio capacity is now more important than ever. We can accommodate productions of all sizes in our 127,000 square foot soundstage, workshops and fully equipped production offices. During the virtual production phase, you can conveniently take photos anywhere in the world from our London studio. We look forward to welcoming productions and seeing the innovative creations they produce. “

Mark Pilborough-Skinner, Director of Virtual Production said, “Virtual production is the natural successor to green screen and a surefire part of the film industry for years to come. We worked incredibly hard – with some of the best minds in the business – to create a studio with a flawless workflow and endless possibilities. “

Jon Creamer