Be part of us for the Metropolis of London Emergency Preparedness Open Home on Saturday


May 3, 2022

As this week is Canada’s annual Emergency Preparedness Week, we’re excited to encourage everyone to take action to be better prepared for the multitude of emergencies that could potentially arise in our region.

As a hospital, we regularly take many steps to ensure we are always #ReadyforAnything, including ongoing preparations to ensure we are prepared to respond to major external emergencies and disasters where the resulting demand for healthcare services saps our resources could exceed.

We hope you and your family will consider joining us and our community partners at the Emergency Preparedness Open House in Byron next Saturday to learn more about emergency and disaster preparedness.

Open house details:
What: City of London Emergency Preparedness Open Day
When: Saturday 7 May 2022
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m
From where: London’s Emergency Operations and Training Center at Byron Fire Station #12
275 Boler Road, London

  • Tour London’s Emergency Operations and Training Center
  • Sign up for Alert London’s emergency bulk notification system
  • View emergency vehicles and safety displays, and speak to a range of emergency services workers
  • Learn how to prepare your family for the first 72 hours
  • See one of the hospital’s inflated emergency tents, the personal protective equipment that hospital staff would wear in various situations, and learn more about how the hospital is prepared for major external emergencies and disasters

For more information on our CBRNE emergency response team:

  • The purpose of our CBRNE ERT is to protect the hospital during a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or Explosive (CBRNE) event by securing a perimeter and decontaminating (showering and washing) casualties or victims of the event before they enter the hospital enter hospital.
  • To keep this team operational at all times, the multidisciplinary group of nurses, emergency room technicians, case workers, PSWs and security guards train up to three times a year in all weather conditions.
  • We work closely with programs within the hospital and with our community partners at Middlesex-London Paramedic Services, Central Ambulance Communications Centre, London Fire Department, London Police Services, St Joseph’s Health Care London and the City of London.