Best Nursing Pillows For Breastfeeding Babies – Chelsea

Best Nursing Pillows For Breastfeeding Babies – Chelsea

I am Melissa Wyatt, founder of Thrupenny Bits Brand ( and creator of the beautiful and best maternity nursing pillows. Let me review my various ranges of baby breastfeeding & nursing pillows. I’ll explain why a breastfeeding pillow and these in particular work so well for breastfeeding your baby 

In a nutshell the benefits are – exactly the right firmness and shape designed specifically for breastfeeding, they work well in multiple positions including rugby hold breastfeeding (the clutch) or the more traditional cradle hold.

They are portable, adjustable, there is no slouching and backache as the baby is raised up and held in place by the pillow. Hands are free, i,e, a little bit of freedom for Mum! It ties on so won’t slip off your lap…and one more thing, they look gorgeous! Tips – this is a must-have so put it on your baby list or ask a friend to buy one before your baby is born.

The  Thrupenny Bits nursing pillows are unique crescent-shaped pillows designed by a breastfeeding Mum to meet those needs she felt lacking in other nursing pillows available.

Boppy Pillow vs Thrupenny Bits Nursing Pillow (Mums’ Review)

There are many other nursing pillows out there, like Boppy & Ergobaby, but what makes this one different and a cut above the rest is that –

  • ▪ It is a highly portable pillow. ▪ Adjustable – The pillows have ties on them so your baby won’t slip down the gap when feeding.
  • ▪ The pillow ties fit around any waist size no matter how large or tiny this pillow is adjustable.
  • ▪ Our pillow hides your tummy and makes breastfeeding very discreet.
  • ▪ All breastfeeding pillows are made from stylish fabrics aimed at the Mommy rather than the baby (no dinosaurs)
  • ▪ The nursing pillow becomes a bag and we sell a waterproof cover (when available)
  • ▪ Our nursing pillows provide support for your infant or baby’s head between feeds.
  • ▪ washable outer cover for all breastfeeding pillows. ▪ hypoallergenic maternity pillow so safe for baby. 

Boppy Pillow vs Thrupenny Bits Nursing Pillow (Baby & Infant Review)

  1. Better breastfeeding latching creates less frustration
  2.  Sleep technology pillow design to encourage sleep after feeding.
  3.  Hypoallergenic pillows reduce the risk of allergies for your baby from our products and materials.
  4.  My breastfeeding pillows allow for multiple feeding positions for my baby 5. The maternity pillow cover is made from deluxe cotton different from others. 

The Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding pillow does the holding for you so you can look forward to hands-free breastfeeding and no more aching arms and back. Because of this, it is also hugely helpful if you’ve had a C-section or carpel tunnel syndrome, or any other complications during the birth. If you are having to bottle feed and find it difficult simply holding your infant, this pillow will be invaluable.

My Best New Nursing Pillow Ranges – Chelsea

A. Ultimate Pillow Range – Review

Best Nursing Pillow a must-have for Larger Babies or taller ladies – Our Ultimate range nursing pillows are the biggest so potentially can be used longer (than 6 months) for feeding. Feedback from ladies with larger breasts has also been extremely positive, you might find that you need to support your breast during nursing so even having one hand back is a godsend. To be clear though, these pillows work for any size breasts or waist size! The larger size also converts to a better toddler bag because of the size and the fact that they have inner pockets. 

B. Twins Pillow Range – Review

The top nursing pillow for twins to aid the tandem breastfeeding of twins. The Thrupenny Bits nursing pillow for twins comprises a larger main pillow and 2 small bolster pillows. This allows the nursing pillow to ‘grow’ as the babies grow by attaching to the sides and increasing stability. It’s larger and perfectly designed and is a must for feeding twins. 

C. Classic Pillow Pattern – Review

Our classic highly portable nursing pillow uses the same fabrics as its counterpart in the Ultimate range they are fully lined. However, they are smaller and unlike the Ultimate range have no zipped inside pocket. I recommend this size for an infant or a smaller baby or for those planning only to feed for 0 – 6 months. These portable nursing pillows are ideal to travel with because of their smaller size. Tip – it will convert to a fab bag to continue using, weighing very little and best of all it’s highly washable.

D. Spares & Accessories – Review

Thrupenny Bits Chelsea nursing pillow cover

Are you looking for a replacement nursing pillow cover or a waterproof nursing pillow cover? For the Thrupenny Bits breastfeeding pillow, accessories are here. Replacement hypo-allergenic inserts and other spares are also available on request. Happy breastfeeding.

How to Use our breastfeeding pillows

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