Boris minimize off by Speaker due to the deliberate “dissolution” of the SNP MP because of little one poverty | London enterprise information


Boris Johnson was cut off in mid-sentence by House Speaker Sir Lyndsay Hoyle during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) for deliberately “winding up” the SNP Westminster leader.

Sir Lyndsay stepped in during the PMQs when the Prime Minister turned to Ian Blackford, who had described his response as “pathetic” for spending £ 20 on universal credit.

Blackford asked Johnson if he would increase the child poverty reduction benefits, but the Prime Minister made no comment and praised his party for trying to take care of the people.

Johnson then accused Blackford of becoming more left, saying, “There is a profound philosophical difference between him and me because the SNP is becoming an increasingly left party that fundamentally believes that it is the taxpayer’s duty to pay for always more and more. “

Johnson said the Tories want to get more people into jobs, then the spokesman cut him off.

Sir Lyndsay said to Johnson, “We both know you’re teasing him and trying to tease the leader of the SNP. Please drop it.”

The MP Westminster MP announced via video link that 1.3 million children under five are living in poverty across the UK.

Blackford said, “This is a really shocking figure who should deeply shame this Tory administration.

“The Scottish National Party has repeatedly called for a financial package to raise household incomes and reverse this Tory child poverty crisis.

Blackford added, “The Tory government has been busy for months. Will the Prime Minister finally act or will he leave millions of children out in the cold?”

Johnson replied, “I think the whole House and this country should be proud of the way we have tried to look after people, the poorest and neediest families across the country, not just universal loans given to the opposing party In fact, but by helping vulnerable people with their food and heating bills, the GBP 170 million winter grant program is being abolished to take care of people with the free school lunch vouchers.

“And like I said before, during the pandemic we will put our arms around people all over this country.”

Blackford said: “Will the Prime Minister agree to meet me and other opposition parties before the budget for an urgent summit to tackle child poverty or will he be another Tory Prime Minister leaving a generation of children in poverty?”

Johnson replied, “I have to say that I totally oppose what (Blackford) just said because I don’t think any more government could have done to help the people of this country during this pandemic, and we will continue to do so. ”