Building staff discover two suspected WW2 bombs in a south London backyard

Construction workers find two suspected WW2 bombs in a south London garden


Uilders made the shocking discovery of two suspected WW2 bombs in a south London garden on Tuesday, forcing police to rush to a nearby golf course to blow up one of them.

The two suspected duds from WW2 were unearthed in the garden of a house on Danecroft Road in Herne Hill on Tuesday.

The street was hit during the lightning. Two houses were briefly evacuated.

Southwark Police said the two devices were “torpedo-shaped devices about half a meter long”.

Specialized police were called to assess the devices and decided that one of the devices needed to be destroyed in a controlled explosion after checking online that the area had not been attacked in World War II.


The two putative WW2 devices

/ met police

They performed the blast at Dulwich Golf Course because they needed a large open space to perform the detonation but could not use any of the nearby parks.

Officials said they tried to contact the club’s manager to let them know beforehand but were unable to reach them.

“Efforts have been made to contact the manager of Dulwich Golf Course but have been unsuccessful,” police said.

“Due to the urgency of the situation, it was decided to go ahead. Efforts to notify owners continue in the morning.

“Rest assured that while these incidents are rare, we have specialized officers to deal with incidents like these. Please contact us if you find anything similar.”

The other artillery was deemed safe enough to be transported back to the bomb squad center and destroyed there.

The Standard has contacted the golf course for comment.

Last month, a buried lawnmower part in Dulwich sparked a major police operation after a gardener feared it might be a wartime bomb.

A nearby worker told the Standard at the time: “Police told us they thought it was an unexploded WWII bomb, but it actually turned out to be an old-fashioned metal roller thing from a lawn mower. “