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Christmas Gift Guide |  London from the inside

And everything in between: you can outdo Santa Claus with these Christmas gift ideas.

When in doubt, send out a basket – assuming you can resist the urge to keep it to yourself

Poons Deluxe Gift Basket

Packed with signature Poon’s sauces and dried meats, as well as postcards and tea towels featuring the brand’s vibrant designs, fans of cult-favorite Wontoneria will *love* this basket.

MOMO intestinal health basket

Do you want a basket with a healthy twist? MOMO Kombucha is here for you. In addition to two bottles of kombucha, the basket includes gut-friendly products like kimchi, olive oil and butter beans from some of the country’s top gourmet brands.

Honey & Co Christmas Treat Basket

Take your snacking to the next level with this basket from Honey & Co, filled with treats like sumac shortcrust, anchovy-stuffed olives, baharat nuts and a giant gingerbread cookie.

Stein’s hearty Christmas stocking

Rick Stein has packed his favorite savory treats, including Cornish Pilchards, Pepper Peanuts, Kalamata Olives and Piccalilli, into a stocking that’s perfect for a Christmas spread.

Harvey Nichols Sparkling Christmas Treats Box

All of these treats, including champagne, chocolate, panettone and Christmas pudding, are perfectly portioned for one person, so you don’t have to share them with this gift.

Small pressies that won’t break your budget but make a big impact

Sausage Press Guide

A must for all natural wine fans out there. This Sausage Press guide brings you only the best low-intervention wine bars in London.

Real croissant decoration

This handmade ceramic croissant decoration from Verum is so cute it’s worth hanging all year round.

Hunu Cup

The extremely practical Hunu cup folds down to just 3cm and even has a foldable straw – a must for all iced coffee drinkers.

George Michael ornament

Make it the last Christmas without George Michael on the tree by giving the gift of this glittering glass Christmas decoration.

Delicious treats for those who live to eat (and drink and cook – you get the idea).

Hot Ones Hot Sauce Trio

Do you think you can handle the heat? This trio of hot sauces (including Hellfire Fear This), as featured on Hot Ones, will test even the biggest spice fans.

The Singleton Whiskey

Any whiskey lover would be delighted to find a bottle of Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old Single Malt under the tree with notes of roasted nuts, coffee, blackcurrant and brown sugar.

Dr. Sting’s hottie

There’s only one way to get honey these days and that’s HOT. And Dr. Sting’s, made in southeast London, is the spiciest (and sweetest) of them all.

Tonkotsu Eat The Bits Chili Oil

Tonkotsu chili oils are legendary and go well with so many dishes, not just noodles. Try it on cheese toast and you won’t regret it.

This gift-giving season, do good by giving a gift that serves a purpose

All-day knife

With handles made from recycled plastic waste and blades made from scrap metal, these everyday knives are treasures made from trash.

Slava Ukraine Box from Different Kind

This Different Kind product collection is made either by a Ukrainian manufacturer or by someone who supports the people of Ukraine.

UP-UP chocolate

UP-UP chocolate is made from 100% certified, slave-free cocoa. Whether you purchase the Dark Wild Mint, Dark Cherry, Milk Gingerbread or Dark Sea Salt flavors, you are helping to transform the chocolate industry.

Choose the bundle of warmth of love

Help someone in need stay warm this Christmas with this Choose Love package that includes hot food, fuel, emergency shelter and a sleeping bag.

choose love

Unique gifts for people who are difficult to buy from

Gozney Dome

There are outdoor ovens and then there’s the Gozney Dome, a wood-fired dual-fuel oven where you can roast, steam, smoke or bake like a pro.

Sports Banger: Lifestyles of the Poor, Rich and Famous

Sports Banger: Lifestyles of the Poor, Rich & Famous, the coolest coffee table book of the year, looks back on ten years of Jonny Banger’s subversive brand.

Rochambeau Club wine carrier

Forget putting a bottle of wine in a tote bag, this collapsed wine carrier from the exclusive Rochambeau Club and M├ętier is the most convenient way to transport your vino around town. It comes with a case of wine, so you’ll have something to grab straight away.

Pophams Baguette Candle

Pillar candles were so popular last year, now it’s all about baguette candles for your dinner table – just remember to light them and not eat them. Get the cheese wheel and garlic candles to really make it a spread.

Barbie x Impala roller skates

Make your Barbie world last well into next year with these bright yellow and pink roller skates from Impala, just like the ones in the movie. Just add Ken to complete the look.


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