Coronavirus Meals Financial institution Use Triples Below London Lockdown


COVID-19 continues to put great pressure on essential food supplies

Food bank usage has more than quadrupled in some parts of London during the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to new figures from wealth management firm Investec seen by the Mirror.

Composed of food banks in 15 cities, demand has tripled across the UK, nearly quadrupled in London and more than quadrupled in Tower Hamlets and Newham. Data provided by the Trussell Trust suggests 67 percent of that increased demand is a new addiction caused by the coronavirus pandemic, be it because of the disease or because the government orders protection for 12 weeks . This has led the coronavirus to overtake low wages as the main trigger for food banking use in 2020.

Government-implemented strategies to reduce food supplies, including free coupons to replace school meals, have so far creaked or failed completely under the strain caused by the pandemic. Coupons have not worked at supermarket checkouts, and the Trussell Trust has stated that its services cannot sustain demand in the long term without financial changes to benefit systems. Executive Director Emma Revie told the Guardian last week, “I would be wrong to say that we can continue to meet unprecedented levels of increased demand indefinitely. The problem is financial hardship. The answer to financial trouble is not eating. ” [Mirror]

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