COVID-19 infections amongst hospital staff in London are on the rise


The number of London hospital workers who have contracted COVID-19 has once again exceeded 100.

The London Health Sciences Center (LHSC) said Thursday it had 107 staff with the virus, up from 17 since Monday. By this time last week, 102 hospital workers had tested positive for the virus.

The surge comes a day after the Ontario Science Table said the province was entering a summer wave of the virus. It is powered by the highly infectious BA.5 Omicron subvariant, which is more immune-avoidable. That means people who recently had COVID can get it again sooner.

Hospital admissions due to the virus in London have risen by one to 31 since Monday. Of those hospitalized, 17 are being treated for COVID-19 and 14 for other illnesses, but have also tested positive.

Currently, unchanged from Monday, five or fewer COVID-infected patients are listed in the ICU. There have been no patients with the virus in the children’s hospital for two weeks.

The Middlesex London Health Unit has reported 137 new cases since it last reported on Monday. The health entity now only updates its COVID-19 dashboard twice a week, and daily case counts are believed to be an underestimate of community spread since the provincial government restricted eligibility for PCR testing in late December. The total number of on-site cases since March 2020 is now 39,018, according to the health unit.

There have been no further deaths since last week, leaving the local death toll at 407. The number of solved cases is 38,258. There are currently 353 known active cases in the region, up from 252 a week ago.

Southwestern Public Health, the health unit for Elgin and Oxford counties, reported 62 more COVID-19 cases this week, raising the local case count to 14,171 since the pandemic began. No other deaths were recorded, leaving the death toll at 169. Resolved cases rose to 13,907 and there are now 95 known active cases in the two counties.