Crops from award-winning RHS backyard on approach to faculty in Charlton – South London Information

Crops from award-winning RHS backyard on approach to faculty in Charlton – South London Information

Macmillan Cancer Support’s ‘Legacy Garden’ won a silver medal at this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival – and much of it is now dedicated to a primary school in Charlton.

Designed by London garden designer Sean A. Pritchard, Macmillan’s Legacy Garden tells the story of how leaving a gift in a will can help support people living with cancer in the future.

The plants and flowers from the legacy garden will be donated to Windrush School in Woolwich Road, Charlton and Lindengate, a nature-based health and well-being charity in Buckinghamshire, to ensure their legacy can be enjoyed after the show.

The Windrush School has been raising funds for Macmillan since 2008 after one of its teachers, Maralyn Willmot, who worked at the school for 26 years, lost her life to cancer.

After raising £70,000 over the 14 years, the garden designers have agreed to redesign the school’s memorial garden for Maralyn using the plants and flowers from the show.

The garden’s symmetrical design is intended to reflect how one act of kindness inspires another, and formal, straight lines reflect the sense of structure and stability that Macmillan instills in people living with cancer.

Elsewhere in the garden, a self-filling water feature symbolizes the importance of donating to the charity’s continued vital work.

Champion design: Sean at the RHS show in Hampton Court (Photo: Sean A Pritchard)

All structures throughout the garden, including a decorative pergola and benches, carried the message “Give the Future” and encouraged visitors to think about what they can do today to provide a brighter future for people living with cancer.

Mr Pritchard, the Macmillan Legacy Garden Designer, said: “The opportunity to design a garden for Macmillan, a charity so dear to so many people, was something I jumped at immediately.

“The garden is a metaphor for Macmillan’s support and the role we can all play in giving. It’s an honor to work on a design that aims to inspire people to take action in the most positive way.

“Cancer has touched so many of us in some way and I hope this garden gives visitors space to reflect on how they can make a real difference to future generations affected by cancer by offering Macmillan a gift in her will.”

Donations in wills account for a third of Macmillan’s fundraising revenue, which is based near Vauxhall Bridge. Three million people are living with cancer in the UK, with this number expected to rise to 4 million by 2030.

To find out more about making a gift to Macmillan in your will, call 0300 1000 200 or visit

Picture above: Sean A Pritchard’s award-winning garden at Hampton Court (Image: Sean A Pritchard)