David Mamet’s Oleanna returns to Bathtub earlier than transferring to London’s West Finish


THE Theater Royal in Bath offers a not to be missed opportunity to see one of the great modern dramas of our time, right before its West End transfer to London’s Arts Theater.

David Mamets Oleanna is returning to Bath this summer, with Jonathan Slinger playing the role of John and Rosie Sheehy playing the role of Carol.

The production is directed by Lucy Bailey and will be seen at the Ustinov Studio through Saturday, July. We’ll check it out next week.

When David Mamet’s 1992 play Oleanna first premiered nearly 30 years ago, it caused an uproar among audiences from New York to London.

Michael Billington wrote in the Guardian that it “ignited passions and divided partners.”

When Lucy Bailey’s 2020 staging of Oleanna opened at Ustinov Studio last December, it was greeted with five-star reviews by national critics, praising the sensational performances of Jonathan Slinger and Rosie Sheehy.

Audiences praised it as a masterpiece that to this day evokes the passionate response for which this extraordinary drama is famous.

On an American campus, a seemingly harmless conversation between a college professor and his student turns into a nightmare that threatens to destroy both of them when she brings him on trial for sexual harassment.

Dealing with the caustic excesses of political correctness and exploring the use and abuse of language, this is the ultimate drama of student power and student revenge.

This is an intriguing opportunity to see this groundbreaking piece from the perspective of our #MeToo era, which explores strikingly topical issues.