Deliveroo pledges to supply meals to 1000’s of households in want for Christmas London Enterprise Information


Deliveroo, the UK’s fastest growing grocery delivery company, is launching a new campaign today to deliver groceries to families in need. The UK’s leading grocery shipping company will deliver excess groceries, juices, healthy snacks, cereals and fresh fruits and vegetables to the Felix Project and FareShare, which will then distribute it to charities, food banks and frontline families.

Deliveroo has signed partners Co-op and Pret A Manger, as well as a number of fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers such as Sheringhams, to join this effort. The company will work with other partners in the coming weeks and months. This builds on the company’s support for Marcus Rashford’s campaign and commitment to ending child food poverty.

The first deliveries started this Monday at the same time as halftime. Deliveroo collected unsold groceries every day in 11 co-op shops in London and delivered it to the Felix project. This will spread to all of London and other parts of the country in the coming weeks. Felix Project delivers this food to schools, holiday clubs, youth organizations, food banks, local charities and COVID emergency food centers across London.

Deliveroo is testing a similar project with Pret A Manger, collecting freshly made, unsold sandwiches from a selection of London locations and delivering to the Felix project.

The company has also received hundreds of thousands of donations of juices, healthy snacks and cereals distributed by Fare Share in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England and has committed to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables in the coming weeks and from food suppliers like Sheringhams Months.

This is part of a long-term commitment by the company to use its delivery network and partnerships to serve those in need across the UK. Deliveroo has set up a new delivery unit within the company dedicated to delivering food to vulnerable groups as well as frontline heroes like NHS staff.

Deliveroo, along with FareShare and Co-Op, is a member of the Child Poverty Task Force in Marcus Rashford and supports his calls for the implementation of the three policy recommendations of the National Food Strategy, including expanding the range of vacation options (food and activities) to support all children receive free school meals.

Will Shu, CEO and Founder of Deliveroo, said, “At Deliveroo we want to do our part to support families in need and are working closely with our partners to provide food for families between now and Christmas and beyond. Charities are doing incredibly important work right now and we are excited to work with such great partners to help support families across the UK. “

Mark Curtin, CEO of the Felix Project, said, “This half year the Felix Project will provide groceries for nearly 25,000 meals to more than 80 mid-term programs to help children and families during the school holidays. We are incredibly grateful to partners like Deliveroo, Pret and The Co-op for helping us get good food for good causes at such an important time for so many families in London. “

Kate Rodger, Food Redistribution Manager at Co-op said: “Hunger charities like the Felix Project are a lifeline for those who need help to feed their families. In the face of the coronavirus crisis, we are determined to do all we can to keep bringing food to those who are most vulnerable. We know that a barrier to many community groups who redistribute food is to collect the food. When we partner with Deliveroo on this initiative, we are thrilled that we can help overcome this. As a nation, we must step in and support the communities that need it most, and we can make a huge difference when we all work together. “

Clare Clough, Managing Director of Pret a Manger UK, said: “No family should ever go hungry. That’s why we’re excited to be part of this new program with Deliveroo, which is helping to ensure that families who need it most can get our freshly prepared food. For the past 25 years, the Pret Foundation has been dedicated to its mission to alleviate poverty, hunger and homelessness in communities near Pret stores. Every day unsold groceries are distributed to those who need it most, and we are delighted to be able to expand it to even more families and vulnerable children through our new delivery partnership with Deliveroo and the Felix project. “

Lindsay Boswell, Chief Executive of FareShare, said: “As we navigate a difficult winter for millions of vulnerable people, FareShare continues to do everything possible to bring vital foods to the plates of those who need it most. This partnership with Deliveroo therefore comes at a crucial time and we are grateful that with your support we will be better able to respond to the food needs of those most in need across the country. “