Do not let non-public companies vote for NHS companies – South London Information


As a resident benefiting from local NHS services, I am concerned about the Health and Social Care Act which has just received Royal Assent.

This bill creates integrated care systems (ICS) in each local area to manage NHS and social care services.

It allows private companies to sit on ICS boards and make decisions about our services, whilst also deriving profits from the NHS by providing services themselves. It has received little attention.

The chairs of the ICS bodies decide whether private companies can do this. The chairman of the South-East London Integrated Care System is Richard Douglas.

He has not responded to letters asking him to ban private companies from making decisions about our local NHS and providing NHS services.

Our NHS is cash-strapped and I do not want our NHS services to be undermined in this way.

Without the NHS I might not be alive today.

We applauded them as heroes during the Covid-19 pandemic as so many have worked so hard and put themselves at risk to help people who were on the brink of death.

Christina Sanders
Ennersdale Road, green this way