DVIDS – Information – SUBASE New London Chaplain Heart Sailor named Service Particular person of the Month


GROTON, Conn. – Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE) New London celebrated its own as a base-assigned seaman was recognized by the Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) and Service Person of the Month (SPOM) by the New London Lions Club, February 16.

2nd Class Culinary Specialist Kieleyanne Chaisson, a native of Richmond, Maine, who serves as the deputy chief non-commissioned officer (ALPO) for the religious ministries base division, was honored for her extensive community service in a virtual ceremony. The event was held via video call to help contain the spread of COVID-19 during the ongoing pandemic.

Angie Clay, a representative of the Chamber, read some of the things Chaisson did for both her command and the community for which she was recognized.
“Little civil servant Chaisson was quick to differentiate herself from her colleagues in coordinating and managing events for the SUBASE New London Religious Ministries Department,” said Angie Clay, a chamber representative. “She has established herself as an integral part of the team and helps to ensure that daily operations run smoothly. As deputy senior non-commissioned officer, she is responsible for the professional and personal development of six seafarers and the completion of daily operations. “

As ALPO, Chaisson has supported a variety of non-profit programs ranging from toy rides to food programs. She has also supported community organizations for schools, veterans, and more.

“She supported her local community through her numerous outreach programs, such as SUBASE New London’s Angel Tree program,” said Clay. “Your help has provided Christmas toys to more than 100 military family children. She has served her community through various programs such as the Harbor Elementary School Parent Teacher Association, SUBASE New London Sharing and Caring Food Drive, Groton Submarine Veterans Club Thanksgiving Dinner, SUBASE New London Junior Enlisted Association and the Navy Wounded Warrior something returned program. In addition, Petty Officer Chaisson leads the SUBASE New London program for women leadership and mentoring and the annual SUBASE New London Food Drive. During the annual Food Drive, she worked as a military liaison for the Town of Groton and SUBASE New London Fire Departments to help raise food donations that were used to provide food to 10 local neighborhoods. “

In recognition of their efforts, the New London Lions Club and Chamber awarded Chaisson gift cards and certificates from various local businesses, as well as a plaque with their names on them. Chaisson thanked the participants and their surrounding community.

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who put my name in and everyone for the recognition,” said Chaisson.
Your Supervisor, SUBASE New London Chaplain Cmdr. Jamie Stall-Ryan expressed appreciation for Chaisson’s contribution to his department and their positive attitude.

“She is nothing but a breath of fresh air!” said Stall-Ryan. “She deserves it. She is one of the hardest working people I know. When life gives you lemons, not only does it make lemonade, it adds something special to the lemonade we all enjoy immensely. We are happy to have recognized them. In recognizing these seafarers, we are motivating them to keep doing what the country has asked them to do. Thank you all for giving your support and appreciation to one of my sailors. “

The SPOM program is organized by the Chamber and local Rotary and service clubs such as the New London Lions to honor local military personnel of all branches who not only do their regular duties but also go beyond in their contributions to their community .

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