Expressive, dynamic, helpful portraits with London Arts Theatre, Mon 04/10/2023 at 7pm

Expressive, dynamic, useful portraits with London Arts Theatre, Mon 04/10/2023 at 7pm

Please join us on Zoom 5 minutes before the class starts so I can explain what is happening. Feel free to connect your laptop to your big screen TV and enjoy 2 hours of specially designed life drawing with around 15 minutes at the end for feedback, chat and networking. Only people with tickets will be admitted to the session. There will be free instructional videos before the lesson and light lessons during the first part of the lesson…
When you come to the class you have the option to ask us to remind you to finish your drawing or produce anything from our fairly good resolution recordings.
We draw, paint real people in their real environment and they perform in a variety of ways so we can get to know them better and also explain how on the day. If you prefer inanimate, photo-like, lifelike models, we can’t help you in live classes, but we can tell you where to find them easily. Only our records, which you can use for years, could help with that, but for good practical reasons. Our models receive a minimum training so that they can remain calm longer if necessary. They also expect tips/donations for the hard work they put in and love for the sake of all of our art. This is easier for Monthly members as they draw more for less.
Please provide feedback here on the meeting for this group and try to respond when you come to a class so I can open a chat with you to make sure you know how to get there.
Tickets are only available on our home page at and once you are a full member there are also Free tickets for you and your friend(s).
As what we are doing here would be even more enjoyable live in person please first let’s get together online and have our own live events whenever we like but not on a regular basis for myself as I live between two cities but when some Any of you would like to do this regularly in your area or in the West End I would love to help as I have done about 10 or 15 of these regularly in Soho in the past.
London Arts Theater is a brand new name but the idea was born around 2010 when we were performing our own Sketchy Theater in big pubs and small theatres. Our models are slowly becoming part of our own, at least Only Theatrical Band.
Some of your drawings will be featured in our weekly newsletter with your name but no Instagram address.
This is not a FREE event unless you are a monthly member. This Monday event costs £10 but is free for full members and lasts 2 hours. We draw our Tuesday model for an hour and then draw other members’ faces as we chat/network, but whoever poses gets a £5 voucher to use at the next meeting. Every £10 ticket you buy in a week entitles you to access all of that week’s recordings, so you can have the best arty free time in the galaxy, or someone you know who deserves a break could to do this.
I’ll be chatting with you guys via personal messages, so just a quick hello! It’s going to be great. In any language! 🙂