Freeway Code: The 20p coin trick that might save London drivers £2,500


London can be an expensive place to live without the high cost of a car, which is why many people choose to rely solely on public transport in the capital. If you are a car owner in the city, you will have to pay numerous fees like congestion fees, in addition to other important fees like insurance and taxes.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder Londoners are always looking for ways to cut their costs or avoid paying a hefty fine on top of the exorbitant cost of driving in the area. Luckily, the financial experts at CarMoney have figured out how drivers can avoid paying £2,500 with a simple trick, and all you need is a 20p piece.

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Be sure to avoid this costly mistake while driving

All drivers know that there are rules within the Highway Code that must be followed to avoid paying a hefty fine, penalty points or, in extreme cases, jail time.

For example, car tires must meet the legal standard of over 1.6 mm, but in winter they should ideally be 3 mm thick as a precaution. Any wheels not meeting these standards could be fined £2,500 and three penalty points per tyre.

Thankfully, there’s a very simple trick to sparing Londoners this costly car fee. Last year there were 20,400 searches for “how to check tire tread” and it turns out all you need is 20p.

The Londoner just has to put the coin in the groove of the tire and if the 20p’s outer rim is still visible, the profile is too low and the tire needs to be replaced.

Be sure to check this across the entire width of the tire at several points around the circumference of the wheel.

Andrew Marshall, Marketing & Partnerships Manager at CarMoney, observed: “Keeping on top of car maintenance can feel like a chore, but if problems aren’t dealt with quickly, they can prove dangerous. Regular services will not only identify potential early problems, but they can also help you save money and avoid costly repairs later.

“Simple steps like checking tire tread with 20p can even save motorists from a fine. Always seek professional advice if there are problems with the vehicle that could endanger your safety and that of other road users.”

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Driving in London is expensive enough without being fined for not having regular checks and maintenance on a vehicle. Be sure to check tire tread regularly to ensure your car is safe on the road and to avoid paying thousands of pounds unnecessarily.

After all, 20p is a lot cheaper than a whopping £2,500 fine. Drive safely.

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