future orientation | Well being and care partnership in North East London

future orientation |  Health and care partnership in North East London

Priorities 2022/23
2023/24 proposed priorities

Digital: Access to primary care digital templates for all NHS prescribing teams. As many locations and providers as possible will have acquired the Joy digital standalone system.

The practice is informed through a social prescription dashboard. We will develop similar shared digital platforms and solutions for other personalized care interventions such as care plans and personal health budgets.

Evaluation: The minimum dataset for personalized care will be implemented first in social prescribing teams and then in other personalized care interventions to assess the impact on well-being measures such as ONS4 (life satisfaction, rewarding, happiness, anxiety). System level research will assess overall impacts, local quality improvement studies will assess specific projects.

Personnel qualification: Consistently supporting liaison staff, care coordinators and health and wellbeing coaches with training plans, leadership programs, peer support networks and supervision. QI training, tools and techniques are deployed to empower teams around our key public health priorities, with learning shared across improvement networks.

Developing an approach that maximizes the impact on the health of our local population

We will align the strategic development of personalized care with key NEL public health priorities – mental health, long-term medical conditions, and babies, children and adolescents. Its design will respond to the needs of the local population.


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