GIANT Inventive wins gold on the Canadian Advertising Awards for its Faces of Heroes marketing campaign for the London Well being Sciences Basis

GIANT Inventive wins gold on the Canadian Advertising Awards for its Faces of Heroes marketing campaign for the London Well being Sciences Basis

LONDON, ON, November 13, 2023 /CNW/ – GIANT Creative, a full-service marketing and digital design agency based in LondonOntario, has been awarded gold in the healthcare category at the Canadian Marketing Awards (CMA) for its Faces of Heroes campaign, commissioned by the London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF).

GIANT Creative logo (CNW Group/GIANT Creative)

GIANT Creative logo (CNW Group/GIANT Creative)

“Our team is delighted to receive this recognition from the CMA Awards, which is the first for our company,” he said Andrew Stephenson, CEO and Chief Video Officer at GIANT Creative. “At GIANT, we are passionate about working with non-profit organizations to create campaigns that raise awareness of important causes and help create positive change.”

GIANT Creative’s Faces of Heroes campaign aimed to increase donor participation in LHSF’s life-saving research and patient care programs. The goal of the campaign was to foster empathy and inspire potential donors to take action by showing how everyone has the power to become a hero and play a critical role in providing patients the special care they need.

“GIANT Creative’s exceptional contributions, the team’s unwavering commitment and visionary creative leadership for the Faces of Heroes campaign have played a critical role in our mission to change patients’ lives for the better,” said Jon Munn, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications, London Health Sciences Foundation. “Their unwavering support has been instrumental in securing vital funding for our hospital, which has had a profound impact on our ability to advance research, procure critical equipment and, most importantly, improve patient care – which is our highest calling.”

The “Faces of Heroes” campaign included vignettes from 30 different donors from all walks of life. Every donor became an influencer and role model, proving that donations of any size are meaningful contributions.

GIANT Creative then matched these “heroes” to other potential donors based on age, gender, and interest across the various platforms they visited. The results were outstanding, exceeding previous advertising benchmarks and achieving a total of 22.63 million Impressions and 169,493 website visits and over 20,000 new donors. More importantly, the campaign contributed to this $31 million in total revenues that go toward research, patient care, new equipment and other priority needs; This means an increase of over 31 percent compared to previous years of donations.

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The partnership between LHSF and GIANT Creative shows what can be achieved when true vision and creativity merge for a more meaningful purpose. To view the full campaign please visit:

About GIANT Creative:

Founded in 2020, GIANT Creative is a digital marketing agency based in London, Ontario, Canada The company specializes in data-driven performance solutions designed to increase lead generation, customer acquisition and audience engagement. Since its inception, the company has worked with leading companies around the world North America combining ideas, strategy and technology with the aim of delivering long-term, sustainable solutions. For more information, visit:




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