Glasgow’s Pavilion Theater will be seen within the crowded London Palladium


THEATER bosses prevailed among the “London elite” after pictures of a sold out art performance appeared.

Pavilion bosses have told of their frustrations when they shared pictures from a crowded London Palladium last night.

Although they insisted it wasn’t time to welcome people back to the theaters, they say it is difficult to justify a ban on football fans in stadiums when hundreds of people are at one Andrew Lloyd-Webber at the same time Show were seen in the capital.

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Lloyd Webber’s company has since moved to ensure security is in place for guests. However, the heads of the pavilion believe that he was allowed to host the event because he is “a Tory”.

In a statement posted online, the bosses of the hub on Renfield Street wrote: “How can the London Palladium last night with ex-Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger put on a sold-out performance that looks like it is not distancing itself?”

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger hosted an event in London last night

“That makes no sense. There is hardly any free space in the house.

“How can you sit in a theater with very little distance from yourself to talk about football, but not sit outside in a football stadium to see a game?

“Is that because Lord Lloyd Webber is a Tory? Is there one rule for the London art elite and another for the rest of us?


– Pavilion Theater (@GlasgowPavilion) October 13, 2020

“This contradicts all recent polls that people don’t want to go back to the theaters and live entertainment as a whole.

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“It all seems irresponsible, but it is clearly ammunition for all of us to reopen all entertainment venues and for football clubs to reopen stadiums and welcome fans again.”

LW Theaters insisted that there be at least three feet of space between all parties.

“Social distancing was and is at the heart of any event planning,” wrote executive director Rebecca Kane Burton on Twitter.

Plans to welcome fans back to football stadiums in Scotland have been suspended due to the increase in Covid-19 cases across the country.