Go to eight fashionable meals markets in London for extra natural contemporary delights


It’s hard to believe how much delicious food can be found at this Dalston market. Stock up on delicious figs, blueberries, aubergines and mangoes worth £1 so bring plenty of sturdy tote bags

There’s no shortage of places to get some tasty street food in London, but what if you want to buy some ingredients to cook with later? Luckily, London also has a thriving food market scene where you can get everything from fresh duck eggs to locally brewed kombucha. Here are 8 of our favorite food markets in London, whether you want to avoid the supermarket and stock up on a well-stocked selection of more organic, fresh delights, or you’re in the mood to explore, taste and shop some chic for the pantry.

The market on Berwick Street

One of the few remaining market squares in central London, Berwick Street has survived for almost 200 years. This is the Inner West’s largest area to shop for fresh produce, although it’s mostly made up of street food stalls (check out Savage Vegetables for an incredible variety of creative salads, or Israel Falafel for a top-shelf wrap). At a fraction of the cost of a supermarket, you can buy fresh produce from old-school vendors and be entertained while you fill your paper bags. Soho Dairy’s organic milk, butter and cheese are made from biodynamic eggs.

Market in the borough of London

For many Londoners, Borough Market is the first place that comes to mind when they think of a fruit and vegetable market. This famous spot has hosted a food market since the 12th century; These days it’s one of the biggest and best places to shop for artisan produce and satisfy a craving. Vegan cheese, scallops, mushroom pie, goat’s milk ice cream, ethical dates and delicious Italian almonds are all available under the umbrella of this beautifully renovated market. Strolling through the Market Square is like traveling around the world, with fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat from around the world and the UK. Food from all over Europe, Jamaican sauces, Argentinian sweets, Mexican staples and more can be found here.

Brixton Market

Brixton’s thriving local market. It’s changed a lot in the last decade, but it’s still a great place to stock up on groceries. You can buy everything from lemons to small batches of Brixton Gin in the shops around Electric Avenue and in Brixton Village. First Choice Caribbean Patisserie (stop by for a Jamaican burger), Guzzl Deli for fine cheeses, wine, charcuterie and sauces, Brixton Cornercopia for local items like local honey and preserves, and Nour Cash-And-Carry for everything else you need you could find them all in this section (and more).

Market on Broadway

This Saturday market was revived in 2004 and has since become a staple for Londoners looking for food. Scattered around the market you’ll find an excellent selection of vegetable stalls, as well as a pleasant array of boutique shops, street food, vintage clothing, flowers, books, candles and jewelry kiosks. La Tua’s delicious stuffed noodles along the canal are a must, but you can also stock up at the Chegworth Valley stand near the end of London Fields, which sells a fresh seasonal selection of apples and juices. There are vendors selling everything from olive oil to British cheeses to a plethora of freshly baked goods to meats and seafood. Grab a Climpson’s coffee and a Scotch egg from Finest Fayre to keep yourself going.

The Chapel Market

Located on a quiet side street in Angel, this charming traditional London market offers everything from kitchen utensils and basic household items to clothing, flowers, plants, fish and dozens of well-stocked vegetable and fruit stalls. After you’ve shopped ’til you drop, relax at the quiet Culpeper Community Center across the street with a cheap grab-and-go meal from Indian Veg, a popular vegetarian Indian buffet. A farmers’ market is held here every Sunday, where you can buy locally produced meats, organic vegetables and homemade pasta.

Ridley Road

It’s hard to believe how much delicious food can be found at this Dalston market. Stock up on delicious figs, blueberries, aubergines and mangoes worth £1 so bring plenty of sturdy tote bags. Ararat Bread, a small bakery, makes bundles of fluffy bread delights, and they have the best naans you’ve ever had, in addition to a bountiful selection of fruit and veg. Shops selling fresh produce from the Caribbean and Africa, spice shops from Southeast Asia and even giant African snails, a delicacy from West Africa, can all be found here.

London’s food markets are great for picking up a quick bite, gourmet condiments or local specialities. Explore the city’s fascinating new farmers’ markets, tasteful food halls and ancient marketplaces that have fed residents and visitors for centuries.

(Edited by: Sudarsanan Mani)