Hammersmith Bridge shone in Valentine’s message to the federal government on London


Hammersmith Bridge was lit bright red during a Valentine’s Day stunt to highlight delays in repairs.

The 133-year-old West London Bridge has been closed to traffic since April 2019 when cracks appeared in its bases. It was then closed to pedestrian, cyclist and river traffic in August after a heat wave caused errors to “increase significantly”.

Fed-up residents projected a message on the bridge on Saturday to celebrate the six-month anniversary of its full shutdown. The message is considered “Britain’s Greatest Valentine’s Day Card” and reads: “Broken Hearts. Broken promises. Broken Lives. Broken Bridge. “

Organizers said it was addressed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and Hammersmith and Fulham Council Chairman Stephen Cowan.

A government task force was set up last September to “open the bridge as soon as possible,” Shapps said. He said at the time there was “a lack of leadership in London in reopening this vital bridge”.

Helen Pennant-Rea, Chair of Hammersmith Bridge SOS Residents’ Group, said the “Valentine’s Day Card” was a “fun and enjoyable way to draw attention to what remains a serious problem”.

She said, “It is a great shame that we need to draw further attention to the utter inability of politicians from all parties to find a satisfactory solution, proceed with funding and work on the repair of Hammersmith Bridge. Also to deliver the urgently needed temporary pedestrian crossing. “

The Hammersmith and Fulham Council, which owns the bridge, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister in August setting the estimated cost of safety and avoiding a possible catastrophic failure at £ 46 million.