Heatherwick releases up to date photos for London’s ‘Backyard Bridge’


Heatherwick releases updated images for London’s ‘Garden Bridge’

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After Thomas Heatherwick and Arup won a tender for Transport for London (TfL) for ideas to improve pedestrian access across the Thames, they presented plans for a new 367-meter-long Garden Bridge to span the river from the Temple to the Southbank becomes. The lush pedestrian corridor, slated to open in 2017, would be the first new intersection since the Millennium Bridge opened in 2002.

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Courtesy of ArupCourtesy of Arup

“The revitalization of the South Bank over the past two decades has created a vibrant and artistic neighborhood that attracts large numbers of visitors to its art galleries, theaters, music halls, restaurants and outdoor entertainment venues,” said Heatherwick. “Visits to Temple and the north bank east of Somerset House and Waterloo Bridge are far less common. The bridge will grow and maintain the link between these different areas while providing new walking routes to and from Covent Garden and Soho. “

The Garden Bridge was originally inspired by actress and activist Joanna Lumley, who has advocated such an idea for several years.

“It’s kind of strange to talk about something that doesn’t exist yet, but the Garden Bridge is already alive in the plans and the imagination,” commented Lumley. “This garden will be sensational in every way: a place with no noise or traffic, where only the twittering of birds and bees hum and the wind in the trees and under the constant gush of water.

North landing from Arundel Street.  Image courtesy of ArupNorth landing from Arundel Street. Image courtesy of Arup

“It will be the slowest way to cross the river as people will dawdle and lean on parapets and stare at the great cityscapes all around. But it will also be a safer and quicker way for the weary commuter to return across the Thames.

There will be grasses, trees, wild flowers and plants that are unique to London’s natural river habitat. And in spring it will bloom and in the middle of winter even a Christmas tree. I believe it will bring peace, beauty and magic to Londoners and visitors alike. “

Heatherwick is expected to file the planning application for that £ 150 million project Beginning of 2014. The start of construction is planned for 2015.

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    Courtesy Arup, Courtesy Heatherwick Studio (Original Renderings)

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    Courtesy Arup, Courtesy Heatherwick Studio (Original Renderings)

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