Here is how a lot a experience on the London Underground price when the tube first opened and you will not consider it


The London Underground has been in operation for over 150 years. The first subway ride took place as early as 1863 after the Metropolitan Railway built the first subway line.

During this period, of course, the cost of a single metro journey has increased with inflation and sometimes other factors, such as the need to upgrade trains or other infrastructure.

All in all it’s mind blowing to go back and see the price of a single ticket on the original subway trains.

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While, of course, inflation is the main driver of the change, one cannot imagine paying as little as people once paid for their commute, even if everything is relative.

The cost of a subway ride has increased with inflation and for other reasons – such as the need to make improvements

The original trains were actually divided into classes, which is no longer the case on the subway today.

There were three separate classes, each with tickets at different prices.

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The price of a single ticket to travel in Zone 1 on these original trains was three, four or six pence, depending on the class.

You can’t imagine anything that costs so little these days.

Today a single Zone 1 ticket costs £ 4.50.

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Most people use their contactless cards or Oyster cards instead of buying a single ticket. It’s a much cheaper option as the same Zone 1 trip costs just £ 2.40.

The price of a subway ride has changed significantly since the subway opened

So times have certainly changed.

Many people choose not to get on the subway to take a trip in Zone 1.

This depends on the places you are traveling between as the distances can still be quite far.

But unless you are in exceptional circumstances it would be a mistake to take the tube between Covent Garden and Leicester Square, for example, as it is really faster to walk the 0.16 mile gap between them.

Interestingly, it was recently discovered that if you were to take the tube between these two West End stations, the fare would be £ 28 per mile because you were traveling such a short distance.

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