‘I went to the London backyard centre with a covert gem café that is one of many metropolis’s greatest breakfast spots’ – My London


Garden centres are sanctuaries of calm and greenery anywhere they’re located. But in busy, built-up locations like London, they might hold even more charm for citizens. Especially when they’re house not only to an abundance of plants but also, another of Londoners’ preferred things: a well-rated location to consume.

There’s more than one in the city, naturally, but the hideaway restaurant I’m discussing – and just recently paid a visit to – is Flotsam & & Jetsam at Clifton Nurseries . Located only a number of minutes’ away from Warwick Avenue station, in serene Little Venice, this cute spot is one of 3 independent Antipodean-style cafés throughout London.

As Google and Tripadvisor reviews affirm to, the trio has been praised for providing London’s ‘finest breakfast’ and ‘best lunch’ options. But the one at ancient London garden centre Clifton Nurseries – the city’s oldest FYI, running considering that 1851 – has the upper hand provided it’s set within a ‘lovely garden’. And that’s a declaration, not a claim.

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< meta itemprop =" url" content="https://i2-prod.mylondon.news/incoming/article24461814.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0_Screenshot-2022-07-11-at-222339.png"> MyLondon Reviews Writer Tilly Alexander went to Flotsam & Jetsam, a well-rated breakfast and lunch spot in garden centre Clifton Nurseries(Image: MyLondon)Hopping off the Bakerloo line, I reached my destination in just a few minutes, even after missing the turning point half-way up Clifton Villas and requiring to double back. The entryway to the garden centre was as slim as any other London alley, but instead of high, dark, claustrophobia-inducing walls, there was a welcome party of greenery lining its sides and a vertical slant of brilliant light. The uncommon brightness of this(semi)Central London passageway made more sense when I continued through the tree tunnel. As I emerged beyond the backs of Clifton Villas’ palatial houses, a broad, flat outdoor area unfolded, spacious in spite of being crammed in every corner with leafy plants, now rows of terracotta pots, now low, rustic wooden structures and tinkling water feature. A signpost in the middle of a flowerbed administered instructions (‘Pavilion Gift Shop’, Toilets, ‘Flotsam & & Jetsam’)

The terraced exterior portion of Flotsam & Jetsam would have been a charming spot to dine were it not such a warm day
. The terraced exterior portion of Flotsam & Jetsam would have been a lovely area to dine were it not such a warm day ( Image: MyLondon)The latter was quickly identified as the high-ceiling, white-rimmed conservatory to the. Nosing round and through the entryway revealed first an outdoor portion -picturesque, sun-drenched and filled with intense, stubby columns, charming wrought iron tables and chubby ceramic pots growing green and white quiffs. The unseasonable heat of the day (31 degrees!)drove me further, through a set of open doors.

In here, the vibes were distinctly more brunch-y and beachy than the more timeless garden centre, spring afternoon tea-suited exterior of the balcony. I took a seat on what appeared to be a former wooden church seat and thought about the lunch break menu, which had actually been quickly provided to me alongside a much-needed carafe of faucet water. (Alas, breakfast and breakfast is just served all-day on weekends here.)

I can confirm that the Iced Latte (₤3.90) was delicious as it looks
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