International launches outside marketing campaign to assist London’s arts sector


Commercial radio station and out-of-home business Global have teamed up with OOH specialist Kinetic and marketing agency AKA for an outdoor advertising campaign to support London’s art and cultural sites.

As lockdown restrictions in England gradually wear off, the campaign aims to reassure the public that it is now safe to return to many of London’s visitor attractions, and to highlight ways people can connect with and support organizations online.

Cinemas, museums and galleries in England are allowed to reopen from July 4th.

The campaign runs through June 29 in ten global digital roadside locations in the capital and includes venues and attractions such as Kew Gardens, Japan House and The Royal Opera House.

“Our arts and culture industries are one of the best known in the world,” said Mike Gordon, global chief commercial officer.

“Unfortunately, like many other sectors, it has been badly hit by the pandemic and some venues are at risk of permanent closings if visitor numbers don’t pick up again quickly. At Global, we’re excited to partner with Kinetic and AKA and expand our role in the industry.” play.” -necessary recovery of the sector. “

Amanda Lewis, Group Business Development Director at AKA added, “The UK creative industry not only employs over 2 million people and contributes over £ 111.7 billion + GVA. They are part of the fabric of our society, we have to protect them to ensure their survival for future generations. “