“It is overwhelming.” The London Meals Financial institution has seen donations improve by 30 %


During a holiday season marked by many in need in the area, Londoners showed up to help those faced with food insecurity.

According to Jane Roy, the co-managing director of the London Food Bank, donations to the agency increased 30 percent compared to 2019.

Roy said the Cares Food Drive business raised 600,000 pounds of groceries, which equates to approximately $ 1.2 million in donations.

“It was overwhelming, it was inspiring, it was great. It was just amazing to see the community react,” said Roy on CBC’s Afternoon Drive.

“People get that our neighbors have problems because they feel it for themselves. So I think it’s just a neighbor helping the neighbor,” she said.

Afternoon drive9:43The London and Windsor food banks are closing fundraisers for the holidays, thanking the communities for generosity

The local food banks have just completed another major appeal for donations to end a very unusual year. Chris dela Torre, host of Afternoon Drive, is catching up with the food banks in London and Windsor to see how they’re doing when we pull in in 2021. 9:43

Roy believes the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, if at all, that food insecurity can happen to anyone at any time. She hopes this will reduce the stigma associated with food banking use and remind people that food insecurity is a year-round problem.

As part of CBC London’s fundraising campaign, the Sounds of the Season campaign raised $ 13,240.00 for the London Food Bank.