“I’ve tried the East London breakfast spot so properly it is nearly not possible to get in on the weekend and all the things was excellent” – Lea Dzifa Seeberg


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I would love to have it for lunch and dinner as well. A full English breakfast is in a whole different league.

How can you not love crispy bacon, warm sausage, fresh toast and mushrooms all wrapped in beans with a freshly boiled egg on top? Vegetarians and vegans, doesn’t a full vegetarian breakfast tick all the boxes?

I love the stuff and nobody could convince me otherwise. And Grounded London is said to be so good it keeps people queuing at weekends.

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To avoid the crowds, I went to the Whitechapel cafe at 10:30am on a Wednesday. Even though the line wasn’t exactly around the block, I still had to wait about ten minutes for a table to open up.

As I entered the cozy cafe, I was handed a menu as I glided gracefully into my cabin, a picture of grace and decency. Well, you caught me in a lie – I dropped the menu on the floor, accidentally kicked a pen next to it and cursed out loud as my sweaty thighs clung to the vinyl seat.

The flat white was beautiful

I’m such a classy lady, I know. Ashamed, I perused the menu and was immediately drawn to the £10.95 Full English. The twist at Grounded is the total absence of pork from the menu, and breakfast came with bacon and sausage instead.

I couldn’t resist the charm of the Full English and ordered one along with a flat white for £3.20 and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for £3.80. The pink haired waitress took my order with a smile and made me feel at home despite my natural clumsiness.

The orange juice came first and it was spectacular. I don’t know where they found these oranges but I need the name of their supplier because it looked like they came straight from Sicily.

My flat white came next and it was just as impressive. Courtesy of Exmouth Coffee Roasters, the blend was super complex, bold, full of flavor and expertly brewed with stunning latte art.

My breakfast was sensational

Then it was time for the main event: breakfast. The lovely waitress put my plate on the table and I was shocked at the sheer amount of food in front of me.

A hash brown, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, bacon, sausage and a huge slice of sourdough bread with eggs piled up in front of me. Taking a deep breath and thanking my lucky stars that I hadn’t eaten that day, I grabbed my silverware and dunked.

It was divine. The hash brown was ridiculously crispy, the bacon melted in my mouth, and the toast was some of the highest quality sourdough I’ve ever had. The tomato and sausage were both ultra juicy and the beans were at the point where they are hot and spicy but not mushy.

Surprisingly, the real heroes were the mushrooms. They were grilled to perfection and covered in lots of herbs but still retained their freshness and added a whole new depth to the dish.

While the portion size sadly got me down, the waitress was kind enough to offer a box to take away and laughed with me as I wrapped it all up. I will be returning to Grounded not only for the amazing food but also for the outstanding service.

Find Grounded London at 9 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DU


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