Labor council disciplined in help of the London Meals Charity


Red card for helping out …

Kensington and Chelsea Labor Council Ian Henderson received an official warning after helping Conservatives distribute food to vulnerable residents.

The incident happened in April when the food banks in Kensington and Chelsea were running out.

Henderson managed to get 10,500 pounds of groceries from Tesco, which was paid for first by a local charity and then by the local council and delivered to local residents in need.

Labor council disciplined for supporting London food charity – ugly politics

But then the ugly side of political difference appeared, armed with a cellphone.

Henderson was caught in a short video with Conservative MP and Tory Council Leader Elizabeth Campbell that was posted on Twitter.

The tweet footage started complaints that have been covered in snow ever since. Henderson, since the video was released, has apparently risked losing the Labor whip unless he apologizes and gets the tweet removed.

Labor council disciplined in support of the London Food Charity – Labor Party Governance would be informed

Days after the video appeared on Twitter, Councilor Henderson received a “formal warning” from Group Whip Sina Lari. He was then informed that Labor Party Governance would be informed.

The warning letter said: “It is in the Tories’ best interests that they work bipartisan to meet the standards set by the Task Force, LGA and other bodies that have been monitoring the council’s performance.

“Pandemic or no pandemic, you should seek formal advice and consent prior to appearing in the media and conservative outreach.”

The incident appears to be flying in the face of the country coming together. If in a crisis we cannot all work together because of political coloring, the political coloring that fuels the divide should be questioned.

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