Lloyds Financial institution helps a family-run London espresso firm

Lloyds Bank supports a family-run London coffee company

A London-based coffee retailer is expanding its reach and sustainability with the backing of a multi-million dollar trade finance package from Lloyds Bank.

Privately owned, family business Equatorial Traders with an office in Ethiopia sources beans from all major coffee growing regions including Brazil, Ethiopia, Central America, Tanzania and Kenya.

The company ships worldwide and imports and supplies coffee beans to Europe, Asia and North America. The company, which primarily trades green coffee — raw, unroasted coffee beans — also has a specialized import arm, Kamba Coffee, which sources and distributes coffee to independent, specialty and craft roasters and retailers.

Lloyds Bank, as one of Equatorial Traders’ banking partners, has provided a $10.6 million trade finance package for the company, which buys and sells primarily in dollars.

The financing will provide Equatorial Traders with additional working capital to support its growth strategy and commitment to sustainable development. More than 15 percent of the coffee the company trades is certified by one or more sustainable coffee programs, with the majority being certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

In addition to buying sustainably certified coffee, Equatorial Traders implements a comprehensive sustainability commitment through various channels.

Established in 1991 and now employing 14 people in its London office and a team of 10 in Ethiopia, Equatorial Traders has been a client of Lloyds Bank since 2020. It has current annual sales of around £60m.

Will Lenton-Brook, Operations Manager at Equatorial Traders, said: “We are delighted to have Lloyds Bank part of our pool of banks. This partnership will further support our strategy and allow us to continue to add value and drive sustainability across the coffee value chain, from farmer to fork.”

Eleanor Cox, London Head of Manufacturing, Wholesale and Industry at Lloyds Bank added: “Equatorial Traders’ work truly embraces the global coffee market. From production to wholesale and with a tangible focus on sustainability and job creation, it is a uniquely collaborative company.

“We are proud to stand by the company and help enable the next phase of its growth trajectory.”

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