Lockdown restrictions in London could be eased on Monday to permit extra time open air


It’s tempting to see other cities around the world come out of lockdown, but how close is London to getting back to what the new normal is? In a speech to the nation, the Prime Minister will present his “roadmap” to get Britain moving again on Sunday. However, in the Prime Minister’s question yesterday (Wednesday, May 6), Boris Johnson hinted that the restrictions on the country would be lifted as early as Monday, May 11, the day after his address, as part of his “unlock” plans Word, not our) could be relaxed. .

“We want to start some of these actions on Monday if we can,” said Johnson. ‘It would be a good thing if people had an idea of ​​what is coming the next day. So I think Sunday, the weekend, is the best time to do it. ‘

What do we know so far? The government is reviewing restrictions and lockdowns today (Thursday May 7). The message “stay home” is expected to be left behind to say that one is just plain safe. Public Health England said it had “reviewed all communication materials to move on to the next phase of the government campaign”.

Lockdown is expected to stay in place, but with outdoor activities and more freedom of movement. Londoners are expected to be able to leave the house repeatedly in a single day, with sunbathing and picnicking possibly back on the agenda as well – as long as it is done at a safe distance.

The government’s focus, however, will be on how to get the economy moving and people back into work. It is likely that outdoor workplaces will be the first to reopen and garden centers may also start trading again on Monday.

There is also talk of a five-step strategy for easing the lockdown, with students likely to move back to the next phase in June and return to schools and outdoor gatherings.

For the long weekend ahead, find out about the latest guidelines on exercising and going outside.

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