London area information 400th COVID-19 loss of life


It’s a grim reminder that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over yet.

The Middlesex London Health Unit announced on Monday that it had recorded its 400th death from the virus in the region over the weekend. The person was over 80 years old, not connected to a nursing home and had three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Her death is the ninth so far this month and the 142nd since the beginning of the year.

The deadly milestone was reached as the spread of the virus continued to descend in the London area.

The health department reported 39 new COVID-19 cases over the weekend. Four new cases were registered on Monday, 16 new cases on Sunday and 19 new cases on Saturday. But public health officials warn that single-day case numbers underestimate community spread as eligibility changes limit who can get a test. The total number of cases in the region stands at 38,430 since the pandemic began.

Solved cases are up to 37,838. The number of active cases on site fell by 50 since Friday to 192 on Monday.

The London Health Sciences Center (LHSC) confirmed it has 20 inpatients under its care who are being treated for COVID-19, unchanged from Friday. At this time last week, the LHSC had 26 COVID-positive inpatients. Hospital officials said 14 of the current inpatients are being treated for the virus, while the remaining six are being treated for other illnesses but have tested positive for COVID.

The intensive care unit has five or fewer infected inpatients under its care, it was reported on Friday. Meanwhile, the number of inpatients with the virus admitted to Children’s Hospital also remained flat over the past 72 hours, with five or fewer admitted.

The number of hospital workers who have tested positive for the virus fell on Monday. There are 51 infected LHSC staff, down eight since Friday. At this point in the past week, 68 hospital workers had contracted the virus.

The hospital network confirmed that there is only an ongoing outbreak. It is located in the University Hospital’s CVT unit U6.

Southwestern Public Health, the health unit covering Elgin and Oxford counties, will not update its COVID-19 case dashboard until Wednesday, while the province will not release updated figures until Thursday.

Public Health Ontario announced the move to a weekly reporting system in a press release issued late Friday afternoon. For the past two years, Ontario has released the latest COVID-19 data daily, including new cases, deaths and hospital admissions.