London Arts Reside at DJ Skate with DJ Elcolcho and DJ Recent Prince

London Arts Live at DJ Skate with DJ Elcolcho and DJ Fresh Prince

David Parada aka DJ Elcolcho is an emerging DJ on the London music scene. He has been DJing at private events, hip hop shows, weddings and residencies at various clubs in London for the past three years. Elcolcho also works as a DJ for King Cruff and Jaghuligin at various live events. His mixes are on point and family friendly.

DJ Fresh Prince is very active in the London nightlife scene, DJ events in various nightclubs, private events, weddings, hip hop shows and cultural shows. Originally from the Bahamas, he moved to London to attend Fanshawe College’s aircraft maintenance program and was also a radio host on Radio Western with a highly rated radio show “Fire Vibes with Da Fresh Prince”.