London-based Jessica Allossery will carry out on-line on Friday night because the LFP-Arts Council live performance collection continues


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She learned quickly, began writing songs, and two years later found herself in Vancouver, where she recorded her song Change the World for Teleus Mobility, a song that Rolls Royce later used for its promotions.

“I think the music picked me just because my career was developing,” Allossery said of the unexpected turn of her life, even though she is still editing the videos for her music.

Allessory, an independent artist, has recorded and released five albums and a half a dozen singles in the past decade.

In 2016 her song “I’m Let You Go” was named best song by Sirius XM The Coffeehouse and best new artist.

Interestingly, I Was Let You Go was born from Gift of Song where she writes songs on behalf of people to celebrate life events and relationships. I’ll Let You Go was a song written for a father to dance with his daughter at a wedding.

“I don’t have any kids so I would never have written this song,” Allossery said.

“I think it (Gift of Song) made me a better writer because I was able to tell other people’s stories through songs.”

Allossery toured Germany, Brazil and the US and Canada, but last year’s four-month tour of the US had a special purpose: to raise money for Ronald McDonald House, which her sister’s family supported as her nine-year-old nephew Henry fought Allossery Size briefly against brain cancer before dying early last year.

Allossery was sponsored by Ford Motor Co. and drove a Ford Escape. On a two-month tour of the United States, she pulled a small trailer and performed at house concerts where she raised funds. Her goal was $ 10,000, she raised more than $ 14,000.