London Cares Curb Starvation Meals Drive


The annual London Cares Curb Hunger Food Drive was launched with a renewed sense of urgency as a record number of London families face food insecurity.

In its 25th year, the 12-day food drive has never been more urgent.

“At the food bank we are now in record territory, the highest level in 36 years. That’s true of all food banks across the country, not just us, but we expect it to increase to 4,000 families sometime this fall. We’ve never been in this space before,” said Glen Pearson, co-executive director of the food bank.

In 2021, the campaign raised the equivalent of £25,000 in fresh and non-perishable groceries.

Londoners are also being encouraged to grow food as part of the campaign.

Pearson says rising food prices and other factors have meant more Londoners are turning to the food bank each month than ever before.