London Climate: Hour-by-hour Storm Eunice forecast as Met Workplace points uncommon pink warnings


The Met Office has issued a red weather warning as Storm Eunice is set to hit parts of the capital and the rest of the UK today (February 18), with forecasters easing that high winds and flying debris could pose “mortal dangers”. There’s also a “good chance” of power outages on rail routes and buses, with trains and flights likely to be cancelled.

When could the worst storm hit London? Here’s a full, detailed breakdown of the weather forecast for the next few days when Storm Eunice arrives from the Met Office.

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People out and about braving the high winds and blustery weather conditions in New Brighton, Merseyside, as a life threatening warning was issued ahead of Storm Eunice

Friday February 18th

Today’s forecasts say it will be 11C and that “Storm Eunice will bring dangerous winds. There will be showers of rain this morning but these will dissipate over the course of the afternoon to leave sunny spells and occasional showers.

The red alert is in effect from 10am to 3pm today so here is a more detailed breakdown of the day.

early hours

There is a high chance of rain in the early hours of the morning, rising to 90 percent by 6am. Wind speeds will begin to creep up as night turns into day, reaching 30 km/h by 6am.


Rain will continue into the morning and it will be a gloomy, overcast start. Some sun is expected to creep through the clouds around 9am and appear intermittently throughout the day.

Wind speeds will continue to increase, reaching 20mph by 9am, then a whopping 33mph by midday. The wind gust is expected to be a whopping 67 mph at this time.


Wind speeds will be at their worst at midday, according to the Met Office, so it will creep back down through the afternoon, although it will remain in the 20s by 7pm.

Rain is also much less likely in the afternoon as the sun is expected to shine between 2pm and 5pm.


The worst of the storm is forecast to be over by evening as wind speeds will continue to drop to reach 17mph by 11pm.

Saturday February 19th

Things are expected to settle down by tomorrow (19 February), with highs of 8C and lows of 5C. Conditions are expected to ‘change to clear to cloudy late in the morning’.

Sunday February 20th

Heavy rain is forecast for Sunday (February 20) with highs of 13°C and lows of 6°C.

Follow our live coverage of Storm Eunice here.

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