London discussion board to check land growth and its influence on farms


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Speakers at a virtual public forum on Thursday evening will discuss how developments are affecting farmland around London.

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Free press staff (Derek Ruttan / The London Free Press) (Derek Ruttan / The London Free Press)

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Speakers at a virtual public forum on Thursday evening will discuss how land development is affecting farmland in London.

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The event is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. and is jointly hosted by the Middlesex London Food Policy Council (MLFPC) and the London Environmental Network (LEN).

The focus of the discussion is how the development of former arable land affects local agriculture.

“Food became a huge focus during the lockdown. With limited dining options and people preparing more food at home, they became much more aware of issues like availability and accessibility, ”said Benjamin Hill, chairman of the MLFPC.

This awareness is part of a growing call to build resilience to local food, say the organizers.

The forum called Finding Room To Grow is the first of two online events on the subject. Speakers from the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and the city’s Planning and Development Department will participate in the discussion.

The same two groups will jointly host a public input session on augmenting the role of urban agriculture on August 4th.

On Thursday you can take part in the forum under this link:

The MLFPC is a volunteer organization that provides a forum for discussion of local food issues. The LEN is an environmental organization that works to build a sustainable community.