London Dream Lottery homes are transferring exterior of London

London Dream Lottery homes are transferring exterior of London

The Spring Dream Lottery venue has been changed in favor of the three major hospitals in London, Ontario.

There is no grand prize in town this year.

The lottery, known for its dream homes, has chosen to build in Thorndale and Port Stanley instead.

The latter isn’t uncommon, as a dream home is usually built near Lake Huron or Lake Erie — but the move to Middlesex County is new.

“The dream is spreading,” said Michelle Campbell, President and CEO of St. Joesph’s Health Care Foundation.

Campbell wouldn’t comment on whether land prices and construction costs in the city were a factor in the decision, but she did point to the large catchment area of ​​the three hospitals in the decision to leave Forest City.Michelle Campbell, President and CEO of St Joesph’s Heath Care London (front) is seen with Scott Fortnum, President and CEO of the Children’s Health Foundation (centre) and John McFarlane, President and CEO of the London Health Sciences Foundation Dream Lottery House in Thorndale, Ontario, April 14, 2022. (Sean Irvine/CTV News)“It’s booming everywhere and we have a lot of people coming to Thorndale from London. Of course, our London hospitals serve people in 10 counties in southwestern Ontario, so it makes sense for us to branch out,” says Campbell.

This year, the Dream Lottery is offering a choice of a $1 million cash prize, a Port Stanley lakefront home (including $100,000 in cash) or the Thorndale home.

The Thorndale house at 43 Aspen Circ. is split between classic and contemporary design, according to builder Lucas Draygas of Royal Oak Homes.

He says the exterior is stylistically inspired by the houses in London’s old North Quarter.

“That’s what we call a modern way. From the outside you would think it was built over a hundred years ago with the red brick, some of the curved lines on the brick and really steep roof pitches,” he says.

The exterior even has a real retro touch with gas lit porch lights.

Inside, the house transitions to a modern look for the kitchen and most other rooms. It even includes a wine bar on the ground floor.Builder Lucas Draygas, April 14, 2022. (Sean Irvine/CTV News)Designer Jillian Summers says she combined today’s functionality with a classic look.

“When we design we always want to create a timeless feel so it will last for generations to come, so we incorporate a black tub so it’s a bit more modern so it certainly creates the feel of a timeless look,” says Sommer.

Campbell claims she’s a fan of the mix and hopes Dream Lottery ticket buyers will agree.

“You have to see it to believe it. It’s absolutely stunning. But a true interpretation of a Tudor style house,” she says.

And whether you win the Thorndale house or not, Campbell says every ticket supports two million patients visiting London’s hospitals.

“Since 1996, this lottery has now netted $50 million in the innovation we offer in local hospitals when people come to us for treatment,” adds Campbell.

Due to COVID-19, the Dream Lottery remains closed to the public.