London entrepreneur launches vegan pet food model forward of Veganuary


A London-based entrepreneur is hoping the launch of her new product will cater to the ethical pet market of this veganuary.

Lucy McKinna, a qualified veterinarian and vegan from New Malden, struggled with the fact that she didn’t eat meat but fed it to her dog.

Lucy commented, “I was fully committed to a vegan lifestyle, but I couldn’t find anything on the market that I was confident would give my dog ​​everything she needed to stay healthy.”

Lucy set about solving this ethical dilemma herself. She began creating her own vegan dog food, initially just for herself and her vet clients’ dogs.

The feedback she received from her customers was “so positive” that Lucy decided to turn her idea into a company, and Noochy Poochy was formed shortly after. “Nooch” is a vegan term for nutritional yeast.

The brand has so far been launched in health, pet and vegan stores nationwide, including zero-waste stores to which Lucy supplies bulk products.

Lucy continued: “Initially we couldn’t find a vegan source for an important vitamin in dog food, vitamin D3, which is normally derived from sheep’s wool. After months of searching and testing our own to ensure it was stable during the cooking of the recipe, we were able to source the vitamin D3 from seaweed and were finally able to earn the fully vegan seal of approval.”

“In the past there has been a lot of skepticism about vegan dog diets, but now with the latest supporting studies and a ‘complete food’ available, the plant-based dog market may well be starting to mirror the human food market.

“Many people worry that a vegan dog food will lack things like protein, certain fats and amino acids, but Noochy has a protein content of 28 percent, higher than many meat-based foods, and an impressive 6:3 omega fatty acid ratio of 4 to 1 and supplemented with L-carnitine, DL-methionine and taurine.”

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