London fintech startup launches social media platform for traders


New fintech startup Lightyear today announces the launch of Lightyear Profiles, a way for investors to share high-level details about their portfolio with friends.

It creates individual and personalized web pages for each user, showcasing their portfolio holdings, recent activity and the stocks on their watch list.

Talking about money was often a taboo subject. A survey last year found that 75 per cent of Brits are uncomfortable talking about money with friends and family. However, this is something Lightyear wants to dispel.

Lightyear created Profiles, the company’s first expansion into social investing tools, because it believes it will make learning about investing far more accessible and an easy way to stay connected with friends on investment journeys.

Martin Sokk, CEO and co-founder of Lightyear, said: “Our goal has always been to build a platform that is cognitively easy to use, offers the best customer experience, and helps people become the best investors they can be.

“People are now having conversations about investing much more often, and we wanted to give them the tools to structure those discussions, create their own communities, and make it easier for them to share.”

Nishil Parekh, Product at Lightyear, added, “As a product developer, I spend a lot of time with clients to understand how they approach investing and what drives them. Something has become very clear lately: more and more people are talking about investing with their friends.

“It can be really intimidating to make that first investment or even knowing where to start, and the dialogue between friends proves to be a catalyst that we wanted to build into the product.”

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