London Meals Financial institution pronounces record-breaking Thanksgiving promotion – London


London Food Bank officials say the 33rd edition of the Thanksgiving Food Drive has achieved a record-breaking total.

During the 10-day drive, officers collected £30,000 and about $110,000 worth of groceries, for a total of £74,000 of groceries.

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Food insecurity rises in the city as the London Food Bank launches a Thanksgiving food drive

Co-Executive Director Jane Roy says the money donated is converted into pounds of food to make up the grand total.

“Last year people gave us money and it was converted. There is a number that Food Banks Canada uses, it has been converted to groceries and last year the conversion factor was £70,700.”

In 2020, officials at the London Food Bank’s Thanksgiving drive encouraged cash donations to limit physical contact amid the COVID-19 pandemic and maximize the power of their donations.

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Roy adds that the Thanksgiving food drive is especially important because it sets the tone for the rest of the year.

“The London community has always kind of strengthened, so we’re not surprised, but we’re really amazed that they continue to be so generous. And the most important thing about Thanksgiving is that in many ways it kicks off the fundraising season. So people are giving from now until Christmas and really giving to the people who need it.”

According to the latest figures, around 8,000 people and just over 3,000 families use the London Food Bank each month.

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