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The London Food Bank says the number of families it serves each month is rising back to pre-pandemic levels and is nearing a new record. Growing demand is due in part to rising costs across Canada.

The news comes after an Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News found a growing number of Canadians are concerned they may not have enough money to support their families due to rising inflation.

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60% of Canadians worry about feeding their families amid inflation, according to an Ipsos survey

Co-executive director Glen Pearson says the food bank is in the process of collecting more detailed data, but says the organization now serves about 3,600 families a month.

“Another 100 families a month and that will be a record for us as a board. In all our 35 years, we’ve never been at this level,” Pearson told Global News.

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“At the same time we’re helping a lot more agencies than before the pandemic, that’s doubled, so the demand for us is pretty strong and we’re also hearing from the other agencies that they’re suffering.”

Report shows Toronto food bank usage increased by over 53%

Report shows Toronto food bank usage increased by over 53%

Pearson says the increased demand has come with increased difficulty for those trying to give back, which he sees as a ripple effect from the rise in food prices.

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“The donations are great and we appreciate that, but we hear a lot from people who tell us it’s getting harder and harder to do because they’re just trying to support their own families,” Pearson said.

Pearson adds that he sees no end in sight to rising inflation, but believes investing in affordable housing is a viable solution if all governments put in the time and effort.

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“The key to everything is that people have to figure out if they’re going to feed the kids or pay the rent…. Please focus on housing at all levels of government.”

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Some Canadians are struggling to break into the housing market as costs soar – ‘Nothing we can do’

The food bank has yet to announce details for this year’s Spring Food Drive, an annual community-wide initiative usually held in March and April.

It is the first time in two years that Londoners have been allowed to donate in person, an option that has been scrapped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re not that concerned about (the Spring Food Drive) because as soon as Londoners hear … they just give, they always do,” Pearson added.

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Canadians worry about putting food on the table: Ipsos survey

Canadians worry about putting food on the table: Ipsos survey

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